Corporate and Investment Banking

Front Office and Trading

This area covers any client facing activity within Investment Banking and Global Markets. Typically these areas include Corporate Finance, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Sell Side Research, Coverage Banking and Relationship Management. Trading, Sales Trading, Broking and relationship management within Global Markets.

Middle and Back Office

Any roles that support the client facing front office, for example Trade Support, Product Control, documentation, confirmations, credit analyst in the middle office. Settlements, reconciliations etc in the back office. Newly qualified CA’s often find this area as an entry point into Investment Banking.

Projects and Change

An exciting area within Investment Banking space, roles range from Business Analysts, Project Managers, Programme Managers and Change Managers. Roles can be project based- normally of long duration, or Business as Usual- BAU- projects within the Bank. Key area with much change in the Banking arena taking place.

Risk and Compliance

An area of huge importance given the current Financial Services market. Risk roles cover Market, Credit and operational risk, with importance being placed on Africa as our clients expand. Compliance looks at all areas of Banking, covering KYC, AML and regulations. Internal audit fits into this area.