Tips for Interviews

Tips for interviews

Details:  Make sure you have full details of the interview, ie- number of people in the interview, their titles, time, date and address.

Time keeping:  Make sure you get there on time. Aim to be 15 minutes early. Plot your route, and be aware of heavy traffic times.

Research:  Do as much research on the company as possible. This is very important as it shows that you are interested in the organisation, and will enable you to ask relevant questions. Research the news- has the company been in the news? Have a look at the company’s stock- have there been any drastic movements? Perhaps a new CEO/ CFO etc.

CV:  This may sound obvious, but make sure you know your CV. You must be comfortable with what is on your CV. Some recruiters may change the content or wording somewhat and this may throw you off balance during an interview. Ensure that you have good reasons for leaving all your previous roles etc.

The role: Again this may sound obvious, but make sure you know all you can about the role you are applying for. Take a job spec with you, and make sure you study it before hand. Exploratory interviews are sometimes harder as there is no central point to focus on.

Examples: Always try use workable examples when asked questions. For example: Q: Are you a team player? A: “Yes I believe I am. In fact, just the other day I stayed behind to help a colleague finish an important document.” Using examples will give credibility to your answers. Try think of work situations before the interview, as they may not come to you during the interview.

Strengths and weaknesses: So clichéd- 98% of recruitment companies will tell you “You want to describe your weaknesses as strengths.” I would ask- why are you applying for a job that highlights your weaknesses? Be confident, you have been successful so far, this is due to your strengths, not your weaknesses. Everyone has weaknesses, but not necessarily relating to your job.

Questions: Use your research and prepare a list of relevant questions.

Career: Don’t be afraid to ask about career progression. Companies will look for candidates who want to learn and grow. Having said that, companies will not be looking for candidates who are not committed to a role.

Rapport: Rapport is essential and needs to be established from the outset. Smile; be positive and confident in your ability. Use interviewers names- make sure you get them right (keep business cards in front of you).

Conclusion: Most importantly be yourself. You will not get every interview that you attend, however you want to make a good impression and give it your best shot.

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